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This four-season tent delivers the first big innovation in mountaineering tents in decades. The integrated fly and external pole structure allows for set-up in half the time, a valuable time savings in extreme weather. This innovation also trims weight by 25%, while maintaining category-leading ventilation, vestibule space, and guy-out options.

  • External pole structure allows for completely external setup, saving valuable time in extreme conditions.
  • The integrated fly combined with advanced materials result in a 25% weight savings over the competition.
  • Silicone-treated fabrics are significantly stronger and don’t require seam tape, resulting in increased durability.
  • Category-leading ventilation, vestibule space, and guy-out options.
  • Silicone-treated fabric suite is free from toxic fire retardants.
  • Link two Chogori tents together to create a larger, connected shelter.
  • Vestibule provides a window for visibilityin the worst conditions.
  • Aluminum DAC Featherlite NSL polescomplement the fabric suite.