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Protect your investment and know that when you leave your car your paddle board will still be there and is not going to be stolen from the roof of your car.

Locking paddleboard tie down straps

Lockable roof racks have been on the market for many years now, but are expensive and often difficult to install. Lockable roof rack straps are the next logical step in protecting your boards from theft.

With standard tiedowns, anyone can walk up to your vehicle and remove your paddle board without attracting attention. This can be a real concern when parked at the lake, beach, river, shops, café or camping ground.

Understanding this, the KanuLock Lockable Tiedowns were designed to provide security and peace of mind to fellow paddlers when leaving their boards unattended on roof racks.

The KanuLock Lockable Tiedowns are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tiedowns however they have the added benefits of being able to lock securely with a key and are reinforced with stainless steel cables.

5 times the protection:

  1. Having the lockable tiedown straps (2) on either side of the widest part of the boards makes it virtually impossible to slide out.
  2. User friendly lockable buckles and flexible straps enable free ends to be tied off easily.
  3. Wide, durable webbing, reinforced with braided stainless steel cables – very difficult to cut.
  4. Two keys come with each set of 2 straps.
  5. Soft padded buckle covers to protect your board.
  6. 13ft pair is perfect for securing one or two stand up paddleboards.
  7. Works with virtually all factory and aftermarket cross bar roof racks.