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Retrofit your backcountry repertoire with the world’s first modular, expandable basecamp cooking system. Use it as a standalone stove, or couple it to other JetLink compatible stoves via the JetLink Port. A beastly 10,000 BTUs makes boiling water a jif, and incomparable simmer control gives you the flexibility to boil fast or simmer slow.

Modular system with JetLink output port designed to provide fuel to other JetLink compatible stoves or Luna satellite burner for expanded cooking systems
9” ceramic coated fry pan for eco-friendly non-stick performance
Unbeatable simmer control
Convenient, reliable lever igniter
Regulated for consistent performance down to 20°F
System includes Stove, 9” FryPan, Carry Bag, Windscreen and Fuel Regulator
Compatible with standard 16.4 oz propane bottle
Compatible with 5L FluxPot (not included), both in storage and in use